Our lighting design provides a visual complement to your event without looking tacky or over-the-top. We will work with you to recommend and design the perfect lighting options that take your vision, guests and venue into account to create the ambiance of your dreams.

Our lighting design options include:

Dance floor lighting

Our dance lighting packages consist of both wash lighting (which “washes” the floor and walls of the venue in color and creates an atmosphere) and effects lighting (which excites your guests and moves to the beat of the music). The combination of these elements provide a visual experience that is energetic and which complements the music.

Room uplighting

Our uplighting (also known as accent or architectural lighting) packages consist of a set of LED fixtures that are focused on the walls, columns and other featured room elements to create a mood, set an ambiance or match your theme colors. Using LED technology, we can match virtually any color scheme, while minimizing both heat and power.

Personalized spotlight

Also known as a “gobo” light, this option features a custom projection of a name, phrase, initials, logo or image that is projected onto a surface, such as the dance floor or a wall of your event space. This option is a unique way to personal your party space or to highlight your brand.

Let us help make your event the best that it can be. Contact us for more information.